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Our Mission

The NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) Knowledge Exchange Programme on Sustainable Food Production aimed to enhance the use of science in making UK food production systems more environmentally sustainable. It ran from June 2012 to September 2013. The evidence summaries it generated are available to search and download on this site.

What will the Knowledge Exchange Programme do?

The NERC Knowledge Exchange Programme on Sustainable Food Production had four objectives:

  • Engage people from all sectors with an interest in sustainable food production in a process of collaborative, evidence-based planning for the future
  • Identify priority knowledge needs where scientific input is most needed
  • Begin creating an accessible synthesis of relevant science, with a structure dictated by the interests and needs of research users
  • Develop a web-based hub where all interested parties can access knowledge according to their own needs.

Who should be interested?

We invited key players from the food and farming industries, regulatory authorities, civil society and academia to help us shape the synthesis of knowledge and identify priority knowledge needs.

The developing synthesis that forms the basis of the Knowledge Exchange Programme is freely available to all via this website.

For further information please contact Dr Lynn Dicks.